Corporate Services

Corporate Services is the anchor of our organisation providing support to the organisation through facilities management, online document and record management, human resources training and development, information communications and technology (ICT) and marketing and communication support.

Human Resources Management & Development

The Human Resources Management & Development Department (HRM&D) is primarily responsible for supporting the strategic goals of the Services SETA by ensuring that competent people with the right qualifications, experience, skills, and attitudes are recruited. The department provides services and support to employees in ways that embrace the organisation’s vision and mission.

The department is responsible for policy development, review, and ensuring implementation. The HRM&D department assists and supports management in dealing with all employee-related matters, including benefits administration, leave audit, new employee orientation, training and development, employee relations, personnel records retention, payroll administration and employee wellness programme.

Information Communications Technology

The ICT Department is the nerve center of the organisation whose strategy is underpinned by the Tri-Modal Philosophy supporting the Services SETA’s Medium Term Strategic Framework. The Tri-Modal Philosophy is premised on the need to address three pillars of the Services Seta business, namely:
  • Eradication of any legacies related to systems and processes;
  • Ensuring that the operation is stable by reducing system downtimes andkeeping the lights on; and
  • Optimising the business by introducing new innovative business solutions.

Through its Tri-Modal approach, the department is responsible for among others, the following:
  • Intranet and Website management and maintenance;
  • Microsoft SharePoint management;
  • Provision of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and Cooling System;
  • Information Security Management;
  • Enterprise Architecture; and
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for career guidance, brand management, events management, customer care and internal communications. The department is responsible for educating different stakeholders about the SETA and its activities and managing the Services SETA’s brand and customer service.

The changing normal has meant more collaboration among SETAs, departments, and other stakeholders in offering career guidance. The Marketing and Communications department has become pivotal in the planning and management of the career guidance activities and events from regional operations. These are designed to help learners discover their career options by informing them of careers in the services sector.

The highlight of these career events is the Annual Heritage Careers Expo. This month-long career guidance initiative includes career expos, masterclasses, workplace visits, demonstrations by industry professionals and roundtable discussions. The Expo is an initiative of the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Training and aims to showcase the wealth of opportunities available in the arts and heritage sectors.